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The State of Boldo's

Boldo's Armory recently celebrated its second anniversary as Rochester's Discount Game Center. In Harvard MBA terms we are now a success business. We want to continue this by offering you the lowest prices and the best place to play games. We promise at least a 15% discount off retail on all games, cards and miniatures. If we do not have it stock we can get it and save you money. On single cards we have the lowest prices anywhere. Besides the always present sales bins of worn cards we also have 34 Urza’s Saga rares priced at or under $2- and 42 Tempest Rares at or under $1. Then we have the famous 2 cent box along with all the commons and uncommons sorted for your convenience. With Games Workshop we carry the popular Warhammer and 40K lines with the always present 15% discount. In Roleplaying we have AD&D, White Wolf, GURPS, Battletech, Deadlands, and many more. All this and the best board games on the market. We are committed to offering you the lowest prices today and into the next millenium, so stop by, save money and play more games.

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