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Prophecy Exposed!

...and yep, it's another expansion. When will the madness stop?

Prophecy is the third and final set in the Mecadian Masques Block. Already tension is mounting on how Invasion, the next block, will affect the environment. But that's not for weeks yet! We got a new set to talk about!

Prophecy has several theme cards that cross all the colors. We'll begin our journey with...

The Avatars

Avatar \a-ve-tär\ noun [Sanskrit]
2b: an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person. -Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

Works for me! Let's see what we have.

Avatar of Hope
6WW, 4/9, Flying
If you have three life or less, Avatar of Hope costs 6 less to play. Avatar of Hope may block any number of creatures.

This is the embodiment of getting my butt whipped. Might be able to save your bacon in Limited, but I don't see much use for this in Constructed. By far the worst of the Avatars.

Avatar of Will
6UU, 5/6, Flying
If an opponent has no cards in hand, Avatar of Will costs 6 less to play.

The ganky combo with Parallax Nexus aside, Morphline is still the house in Blue decks. When Urza's rotates out, this might see some play in really slow control decks, but something cheaper will probably come along.

Avatar of Woe
6BB, 6/5
If there are ten or more creature cards in all graveyards, Avatar of Woe costs 6 less to play.
Avatar of Woe cannot be blocked except by artifact or black creatures.
T: Destroy target creature, that creature cannot be regenerated.

Is there no finer sentence in magic than the last? The only way it could be better would be if it said T: Destroy all creatures except for Avatar of Woe, especially that goddamn Blastoderm. But we can't have everything. Quite possibly the greatest, most well balanced creature ever made. So what if it costs eight? Ever hear of a spell called Exhume? I thought so. This will be the embodiment of much pain, suffering and woe for your opponent.

Avatar of Fury
6RR, 6/6, Flying
If any opponent controls 7 or more land, Avatar of Fury costs 6 less to cast.
R: Avatar of Fury gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

I was pretty furious when this was the Avatar I opened up. Didn't this used to be a Dragon once upon a time? Seems anti-thematic for an opponent of red to have seven land and still be alive.

Avatar of Might
6GG, 8/8, Trample
If an opponent controls at least four more creatures than you, Avatar of Might costs 6 less to play.

The embodiment of stupidity. If I 'm playing green, and my opponent has four more creatures out than I do, then I have built the crappiest green deck on the planet. And remember kiddies, all that beautiful, magnificent, plentiful fast mana is rotating out this November. Enjoy.

That's all I'm doing for today. I don't want to strain my brain, and then go insane in the membrane. Next up will be the Winds. Don't smoke hibiscus, it's bad for you.

Do you believe the gall of WotC? They print a WCW wrestling trading card game (plenty of starters left at Boldo's. Come on down!) and they don't include Ric Flair? He's the MAN!

And I'm that damn good.

I'm out -t3

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