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MCAA (Magic Creature Athletic Association)

by Michael Ruff and David Jacobowitz (Team Fat Guy)

Since Coat of Arms...a card making single creature theme decks a part of the Magic world, wouldn't it be nice to know which creature types to use when playing with it? That is what the Magic Creature Athletic Association (MCAA) is for. We are about to pit 64 of the most popular species in Magic, from Atogs to Zombies, to which is the best in a world with lots of creatures.

Rules are simple. Cards from all sets are included through Exodus, including Portal I & II. Each creature group must have at least one of each card with that summon type in addition to any cards with it's name in the title. For example, Minion of Leshrac would be in both the Minion and Demon decks because it is Summon Demon and has the word Minion in it's title. Similarly, if the creature type appears in a title of a non-creature card, it is allowed along with cards that enhance or refer to a cpecific creature type in its play text. So cards like Goblin Bombardment and Demonic Tutor are allowed as are Sliver Queen and Lord of Atlantis. The only other cards allowed are those that deal with mana production.

NOTE: Coat of Arms is only allowed in the Coat deck, or the Arms deck.

The tournament will be a best-of-three match, single-elimination, bracketed format which will bring us down to the Final Four and eventually to the top Magic creature group.

Click here for a graphic of the full tournament & results. Keep in mind that this is a large file.

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