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The Pro Tour Experience

by Boldo

Well, there I was...Thursday night at the Armory in New York. I just had to sign in and, for the first time, the excitement of making the pro-tour had really hit me. It was now a reality that even the waiting in lines and being shuffled around could not ruffle. When I got back to the friends where I was staying, I had all the right props from the shirt to the badge and I promptly could not fall asleep.

Well 8am rolls around pretty quickly and, with only a little sleep and a long ride into the city behind me, I waited for the Armory to open. As usual, WOTC was late and this only made me angry and nervous. After the standard delays and official time wasting the rounds started and I began with a crushing win and, unfortunately, one of the few I had. The next game, I misplayed a Massacre twice, mislaid a land, and squandered a Cowardice, all en-route to a loss which set the tone for my day. I played horribly and then dwelled upon it and played worse. I forgot to bounce creatures with the Cowardice (which is what my deck did) and to look at cards with the Soothsaying. I miscounted my land and misused my creature kill. Most of all, I played slow and never got a break, and when I had a ruling go against me I dwelled upon it and never won another game. It was a bit embarrassing, but when all was said and done I had been to the Pro Tour and I was happy to have gone. [an error occurred while processing this directive]