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Top 10 Nemisis Cards

by Boldo

After Mercadian Masques it seemed like this should be called the 10 least sucky cards in the set. It seemed that Magic’s design masters had decided to make the sets blander and the creatures more exciting. This would never fit the Boldo mindset where I look at Rhox and think how boring. To me the best cards are those that do the odd, different, and locking things which makes Magic the puzzle of frustration that it is. But I digress…
  1. Predator Flagship - The one thing I have learned recently in Magic is that mana is not a restriction. I can make a dozen mana by turn four any one of a number of ways and, why wouldn’t I. The only problem is what to do with it and this card gives a nice creature kill card to pump it into. It is also great defensively and perfect for your average green deck with more mana than ideas.
  1. Stronghold Gambit - Build it right and it puts the big creature into play. Now I realize this is unboldoistic but if you must use creatures, big untargetable ones are best. Just make sure that this is the creature to be played.
  1. Blinding Angel - Might as well get these right out of the way. This is a creature that locks in the coolest way. Find a neat way to get it into play and it just beats Green and is not bad against other weenie decks. I see a few counter spells and a win.
  1. Parallax Wave - Combos well with the utility fading creatures and is best when used on your own creatures.
  1. Tangle Wire - Just cool as a stall card. It slows down the opponent and then allows you to control it. It gives the slower deck a chance to set up and must combo well in a locking deck with something as the concept is too different.
  1. Belbe’s Armor - Creature control is what it's all about and Belbe’s Armor is perhaps one of the coolest ways to do it. You don’t really need to save your creature if their creature deals zero damage.
  1. Dominate - Even though creatures are bad, it is always best to control your opponents and Dominate is an instant that often lets you steal one and kill one at the same time or just take the best one.
  1. Mana Cache - It's a great way to get mana and perhaps broken. It just allows too much mana too fast and this must be bad. The bad part that your opponent gets to use it is offset by the fact that most decks need colored not colorless mana and you use the counters every turn.
  1. Overlaid Terrain - Mana Flare was removed because it was too powerful but one which makes all your land produce 2 mana of any color is not because Palincron is an imaginary card.
  1. Rising Water - Lands do not untap! I win. This is the Winter Orb I have been waiting for and it is Blue. It also makes a great enchantment as it can be Replenished. How good is that?
Honorable Mention to Rath’s Edge, Flowstone Armor, Terrain Generator, Rootwater Thief, Saproling Cluster, Flowstone Slide, and Spiritual Asylum.

Worst card is Pale Moon, or perhaps Aether Barrier as it does have the AE in the title and all these cards suck. [an error occurred while processing this directive]