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Son of Trash Talkin' Tom's Totally Random Ten Mercadian Masques Cards

by Trash Talkin' Tom

Hey, it's a big honkin' set.

  1. Ramosian Sky Marshal - I'm paying five for a 3/3 flyer? So I can pay seven to bring in the 4/7 Serra that DOESN'T fly? I hate cards that are so deck specific they are virtually useless otherwise. And I'm not so sure a Rebel deck would be worth playing.
  1. Tower of the Magistrate - This is a ten dollar card in the Tempest block. It's pretty much crapola now.
  1. Mercadian Atlas - BROKEN. Big time, boyo. By the time you can cast this, chances are you don't need to play a land a turn. And in anything that creates fast mana? Whoa, look out. Psst, R&D, drawing cards for free is BAD.
  1. Megatherium - 4/4 trampler for three. Drawback being I have to pay one extra for each card in my hand. Oh gee, I might not be able to cast him on turn TWO. By turn three, I'm pretty sure I don't care about his drawback.
Pretty dry so far, huh? Wait, it gets worse.
  1. Hunted Wumpas - For those of you who read the Dojo, be prepared for two years of Hunted 'Whoop-ass'.
  1. Soothsaying - I've played with this card and it's COOL. When you absolutely, positively have to counter that spell - NEXT TURN. Just remember it's a little slow.
OK, enough. I'm bored. This set isn't that exciting, which is kind of a relief after the tumultuous Urza's block. I haven't drafted this set yet, so I can't tell you how much I suck with the new cards.

I need something to distract me from sucky life and professional wrestling just ain't hacking it, so I'll probably start playing in more tournaments. So come on down and pick up some free DCI points. If you're lucky, I'll verbally abuse you too.

Besides, there's a certain radio personality out there who's been duckin' me. I want a PIECE, punk. BRING IT. You know who you are.

I'm out,
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