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Boldo's Urza's Legacy Top 10

  1. Memory Jar — This is just plain good by itself as it usually is 7 cards to choose 2-3 from for me and none for you. But it combos so well with Megrim, Sudden Impact, and a fist full of other cards that is a boldo winner. (Editor's Note: The key phrase here is "it combos so well with...". That's how cards get banned now.
  1. Phyrexian Reclamation is the creature cycler of choice. It's like a necro only more selective.
  1. Angel’s Trumpet — Think Propaganda and remember creatures that come into play usually have summonsing sickness and can not attack.
  1. Deranged Hermit — This is too easy to cycle by not paying echo and bringing it back with say Phyrexian Reclamation for 8 2/2 creatures.
  1. Second Chance — Sacrifice this card and take an extra turn seems fair being there is no way to return an enchantment to your hand.
  1. Brink of Madness — Mind Twist wasn't too strong so lets do it every turn.
  1. Karmic Guide — Okay, have you figured out how to recycle enchantments with you monk Idealist yet?
  1. Avalanche Rider — Kill a land for 4 mana seems okay but lets get a 3/3 creature which can be recycled easily with echo and is unaffected by summonsing sickness.
  1. Slow Motion — I have missed all those prison decks so lets say hello to Winter Orb.
  1. Tinker — Nothing makes things fly like getting to search your library for what you need. Now, if only there were some good artifacts.
Honorable mention: Quicksilver Amulet — I like creatures if you do not have to cast them.

Worst Card — Scrapheap — Wasn't this an Antiquities common which no one played with?

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