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The New Type II

You know, just when I start to play a decent white deck, everyone stops using Sligh. What is it with you people?

Well, maybe you just got bored of SRB (Stupid Red Burn), or perhaps, just perhaps, you wanted to try and build a decent mono-green deck (by the way, it can be done).

There are several trends in Type 2. Among the most noticeable is the lack of any type of mono-red decks; whether they are of the sligh nature or just lots'o'burn. Without the constant fear of being torched to death, players are using more and more blue. Key cards in these Big Blue decks include Propaganda, Man-o-war, Ophidian, and Tradewind Rider along with any assortment of counter magic. These decks tend to take quite a bit of time to develop, but when they do, you've had it. Without the threat of SRB, these decks will probably grow more numerous.

When Suicide Black first swept through Rochester (right before Exodus), many were thinking that the deck had a lot of potential. Many of the top rated players at Boldo's Armory made there own version of the deck. Unfortunately, the deck is very susceptible to Light of Day. It simply shuts down any mono-black deck. There are a number of variants of Suicide Black. Most splash in a bit of Blue for Man-o-wars. Some others splash in red for Fire Storm. More than likely, this super fast variant of mono-black, has seen it's day.

White weenie, arguably the strongest of the mono-color weenie decks is still going strong. Ever since the release of Weatherlight (Empyreal Armor) and the subsequent release of Tempest (Crazy shadow beat-down creatures) white has seemed unstoppable. It seems very unlikely that white will slow anytime before the Mirage Block goes out of type 2. Even when these decks lose the Empyreal Armor, they can simply replace them with crusades. True, it's not as good a card, but the Armor was simply ba-roaken.

Until this November, white weenie will win more than it's fair share of tournaments. It gets very hard to predict what will happen after the release of Urza's Saga. More than likely, this will be a heavy artifact expansion. As always, no one knows exactly what is in the set. One of the best places to find out what may be in Urza's Saga and other upcoming sets is on the web. While WotC rarely lets anything leak out, places like and other such web-sites are more than happy to tell you what they know. Be warned, the card texts you read are not always very accurate. They are updated every few days.

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