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Prophecy’s top 10

The clever little folks at Wizards of the Coast have come up with a new expansion for Magic. As the third of the Mercadian Masques trilogy it should be the strongest but it is also the least imaginative in a long time. The play concepts of Rhystic and land sacrifice are interesting but they look boring compared to creature searchers, and free cards. Further the set is full of older cards with a minor twist or just a new name. It seems that there are so many refurbished cards like this that it should be very familiar already. But like every new set ever there are some Boldo gems and here are the best.

  1. Denying Winds — Well in the Boldo world of magic high casting costs do not prevent cards from being played. This is no exception and it is so much better than Jester’s Cap. It may just beat combo decks but in play testing it beats everything else too.
  2. Foil — Is it better than Thwart or just another four casting cost counterspell? Who cares there are no bad counterspells.
  3. Rhystic Tutor — If Rhystic cards always work then this is a Demonic Tutor. The Demonic Tutor was broken so this is ...
  4. Barbed Field — Just the other day I was wishing for a land that did one damage to target creature and now we have it.
  5. Rhystic Scrying — The "rhystic" ability means you get to do what ever the card says by being patient and you draw three cards. Besides blue has powersink.
  6. Citadel of Pain — Power surge was good and I bet this is just as good.
  7. Heightened Awareness — I hate having no cards in hand but with the rector you can discard at the end of your opponent’s turn and then draw two cards for the rest of the game.
  8. Devastate — So kill a land and then kill all the little creatures. Everything is good.
  9. Dual Nature — Okay it is just good to put more creatures in play but there must be a cool combo with this and say food chain, or ashnod’s alter, or ...
  10. Steal Strength — If I was to play with creatures I sure like mine to get bigger and your’s to get dead.

Honorable Mention: Rethink, Wild Might, Celestial Convergence, Devastate, Mageta the Lion, Squire Wrangler, and Avatar of Woe

The Ten Worst

  1. Hazy Homonculus — Wow a 1/1 creature for 2 that can never attack.
  2. Rystic Cave — Not only is this a rules nightmare but it should read tap Rhystic cave to force target opponent to pay one mana.
  3. Samite Sanctuary — You put a card in your deck and pay its casting cost the it should help you. This does not.
  4. Entangler — Creature blocking abilities are bad but to make it a creature enchantment makes it one step worse.
  5. Quicksilver Wall — You need a blocker to stay alive and you draw Quicksilver wall. Your saved only until your opponent untaps. Why does this cost as much as Wall of Air?
  6. Avatar of Hope — For 8 mana there are better creatures and if you manage to stop your life loss at 3 or less then it probably does not save you.
  7. Rhystic Circle — A Rhystic card that never works.
  8. Keldon Battle Wagon — Is this the most expensive creature with 0 power.
  9. Wintermoon Mesa — Sacrifice a land and tap two other lands to tap 2 target lands. Card efficiency at its best.
  10. Veteran Brawler — An awesome idea a 4/4 creature that can not block or attack. Cool.

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