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Six Billion

by Boldo

Expand and colonize the galaxy with this new addition to Rio Grande Games fine line-up. Origionally this looked like a simple expansion game with basic population growth, cards to perform actions, and victory points for having the most population on different systems. It has an Alan Moon feel to the card drawing with 3 cards being visible and these or the top card being available and at first it seems nothing new. But besides the players, there are fairly innocent looking neutrals who also are expanding but without the spead or purpose of the players. They can control planets though and provide a very interesting element to the strategy. It plays in a very reasonable 2-3 hours and is good for 2-5 players with fairly simple rules. I gave the game an 8 out of 10 and, if you liked Tikal or Airlines or Union Pacific, I think you would like this.

Six Billion
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