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Puerto Rico

an Andreas Seyfarth game

by Boldo

One of my favorite game type are the building games. Usually these are huge complex affairs which take several epochs to finish and have a complexity which befuddles God. Puerto Rico is may be the shortest game of this type ever. It places you as a colonial governor responsible for building a colony. In the process you need to manage the various offices of government to build a city develop plantations, and ship goods back to the home country. In the meantime you will make and spend a lot of money which may be irreleveant to the game result.

Despite the magnitude of options and variety of strategies this is a simple game which plays in two hours. The playing board are bright and the piece nicely made even if the colonists are cylindrical. This is an excellent game even if it is a bit politically incorrect with its "colonists" arriving on a "colonist" ship and then sent straight ot the fields to work the plantations. Perhaps the best game of 2002 I give it a 10 out of 10.

Puerto Rico
Retail Price - $35.00
Boldo's Price - $31.50

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