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The War, 1999

Every year, I make a retreat to the Land of Pensic where ten thousand or so practicing Medivalists gather for the War. This meaningless military activity is fought for the fun of the participants following certain rules which actually make it safe to club each other with sticks. It is almost impossible to conceve the variety and excitement of the Pensic War, but I will try to do so by the numbers.

1 - Times I was talked to about my behaivor
2 - Weeks of fun that it lasts
3 - Days of rained
4 - Official Battles
5 - Parties of note attended by a particular person I camped with
6 - People in our encampment
7 - Times I resurected in the Woods Battle
8 - Days in a row I fought
9 - People I killed or maimed in the Field Battle
17 - Helmets sold
37 - People killed By AJ in the Mountian Pass Battle
80 - Dollars to get in the door for a society member for 2 weeks
250 - Different Merchant Booths
10061 - Official attendence

What more can I say. I look forward to it next year. - Boldo

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